Are Your Online Dating Photos Really Safe?

We know that many people flock to online dating sites in their journey to find love.

We also know that many of these sites lack some basic confidentiality and security measures and this has been demonstrated before by negative publicity that shows cases of fraud, identity theft and more.

So how certain can you be sure that your online dating photos are really safe?

Facts are that you can’t really be sure and we know this because many of these sites do not take the kind of precautionary measures to guarantee a member’s confidentiality.

The problem is that when you create an account on an online dating site that information is essentially available for viewing to the public. Anyone else can see your photos if they have an account and they can even end up being sourced from the site itself.

If that happens then who knows where they could end up online.

There was an incident recently of a young woman in Texas, America who discovered that selfies that she had put on her Facebook profile had been used by an escort service to advertise their business. Her personal photos for herself and her friends had been turned into online dating photos for an adult site without her consent!

The young woman in question then began receiving phone calls from anonymous men asking her if she was still working as an escort!

While in this example the woman had her selfies taken from her Facebook profile, it’s important to remember that information on Facebook is also public viewing. This is exactly the same for online dating sites.

Imagine the kind of humiliation and ridicule you would be feeling if something similar like what happened in the example above happened to you.

It would be a terrible thing to go through and the easiest way to avoid any potential embarrassment like this is to simply avoid using an online dating site.

Keep this in mind next time you are thinking about joining an online dating site because this same thing could potentially happen to you.

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