Dating tips for men

Dating for men – hints and tips

Over 10 years and more than 5,800 events we’ve seen most things when it comes to dating, both the good and the bad. So here are some hot tips for men to try to make the dating experience as enjoyable and successful as possible.

  • Be on time

Allow plenty of time to park or reach where you have agreed to meet. Particularly if it is in the evening, women do not like hanging around either in a bar on their own or outside and she will appreciate that you think she is important enough that you have ensured you have arrived punctually.


  • Be yourself

She has agreed to meet you, so be yourself and show her your best side.  Do shower or bathe before your date, use a little nice aftershave and have your hair as neat as you can, as women love a man who looks and smells good and has obviously made the effort.

  • Be confident if you can

Women love to find a confident man, so even if inwardly you’re nervous then try not to let it show if possible. And if you have something you’re good at, talk about it a little as your confidence in that subject area will show through. Remember though to encourage her to talk too – women are turned off my men who talk about themselves too much, or talk about one subject for the whole evening. More about this further down..

  • Take her to somewhere you feel comfortable

If possible take her to a restaurant or bar where you are known and ideally book in advance so that they know you are coming. It will boost your confidence and make her feel comfortable in the environment too.

  • Be a very good listener

A mistake many men make is to think they need to take the lead role and do all of the talking and it is an easy trap to fall into when trying to impress your date. In actual fact you being a good listener is far more important to her.  Always remember you have 2 ears but only one mouth and that it is best to use them in the same proportions. In other words being prepared to listen for twice as long as you speak is great advice.

  • At the end of the date

Don’t just say ‘I’ll ring you’ – be different and tell her you’ve had a great time. If you would like to see her again tell her, rather than just leaving it hanging, this can be seen as very bad form.


Lots of different people for you to meet!

Find Love With Singles Events in Nottingham

Find Love With Singles Events in Nottingham

 There is no doubt that it’s getting harder and harder to find a great person to settle down with.

Some people seem to do it easily while it’s a lot harder for others. For many people it’s very hard to find enough time to meet quality people. All of us at some point want to be able to find a great partner to settle down with but we all know it’s not that easy all the time.

Especially if you are someone who works in a busy career where there is a lot expected of you. Good news is that there are ways that you can meet a lot of new people in as short a timespan as possible and it’s via singles events Nottingham.

Finding the time to meet new people is only half the battle because you could end up making time for this area of your life but still not meet a quality person to share your life with. So what you need to do is maximise your dating efforts so to speak. You need to be able to meet new people in a way whereby you can maximise your chances of meeting the right person.

Here are some of the prerequisites you need to be able to fit:

  1. They need to also be single and looking for the same things as you
  2. They need to have similar interests to you
  3. They need to be the kind of person you’d settle down with


At a singles event Nottingham there is a high chance you will end up meeting someone who fits these three prerequisites. You will meet many single people at the various events and this means by default you’ll end up with a high chance of meeting the right kind of people for a relationship.

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