Online Dating Profiles are Fabricated

Dating horror stories

As many as 1 in 5 Online Dating profiles are fake says the survey

A huge % of online dating profiles are fabricated reports Sky News.

A recent survey conducted by has found that as many as 20% of all online profiles are fake.

The recent poll of a substantial number of online daters (in excess of 2,000) found that  18% of people had lied about their age, 28% of people exaggerated their financial status and 10% had been untruthful about where they lived, which would mean that literally millions of profiles currently online are false and inaccurate.

Despite the recent formation of the Online Dating Association and an industry watchdog Paladin, the online dating sector does seem a very troubled arena currently, with only 13 of over 1,000 UK based sites having signed up to support the development of a kite marking system for the future.

This huge problem initiates from the fact that in the UK currently there is no requirement for any kind of background checks to be conducted on people joining dating sites.

Dominic Blackburn, spokesman for which carried out the survey, said: “It’s very easy to present yourself in a very different way on online dating sites and social networking sites – it’s far easier to do it on that than on a face to face basis.”

At When the Music Stops it has long been our belief that meeting face to face is actually the very best way of meeting new friends and potential partners. Meeting through dating events gives you the chance to check out that vital chemistry face to face in an organised, professionally supervised and safe environment, before deciding whether or not to take things further with a potential date.

We also gather home addresses for all of our online bookings and verify through postcode and banking details that the person actually is who they say they are.

Now hasn’t that got to be a better and safer way forward for everyone?

We firmly believe that it is.



Protecting online daters against violent crime

Dating safely

Online Dating sites ‘not doing enough’ for protecting online daters – according to Sky News

Controversial breaking news on Sky News this morning (21st September 2013) is that online dating sites are not doing enough to deter stalkers and men with convictions for violence. A problem that appears to be becoming more and more high profile as we progress through this year, with literally dozens of stories having featured in the national press so far.

There is some good news however in that a new industry body- Paladin, set up 2 months ago, says it has been contacted by many individuals who have been abused by men after meeting them through internet dating and they have now put together a voluntary code of practice for online dating companies to counter the problem. But is it too little to late at the present time, as only 13 online sites have signed up to this, out of more than 1,000 sites across the UK.

The problem in the UK (as opposed to the USA where it is law) is a lack of regulation and background checks means that sex offenders and men with a violent past have been allowed to join online sites freely. Laura Richards, a spokesperson for Paladin feels that the new voluntary code and a new kite marking system is needed to clean up the online dating sector of the industry. She would like to see many more online sites to sign up to membership of the newly formed Online Dating Association too.

Said Laura Richards of Paladin “I think there are lots of them that are not taking this seriously enough, currently, and certainly with regards to stalking and other serious offences that may be committed by predatory individuals who are using these sites because they know there is a pool of victims for them to fish within.   I think the code of practice is definitely a step forward that the public know there is a standard that has to be met.”

According to the Sky New article written by Adele Richards, one recent victim of stalking and violence online, Sarah (we have changed her name to ensure she is protected), met her former boyfriend on an online dating site but was totally unaware that  he had two previous convictions for violence. Said Sarah “He threatened me followed me, made unwanted contact with me, it was extremely terrifying. When I finally left the relationship the harassment continued in an email sense.” And her ex boyfriend was finally convicted but Sarah said there was initially no interest when she originally contacted the dating site through which she met him. She continues “There was no help or assistance available at a time when I was completely frustrated and panicking about the whole situation.”

Sky News states that recent YouGov surveys in the UK shows that around 40% of all relationships now start online and as many around 9 million people are currently using online dating sites in the UK. But figures from the Consumer Website Which? reveal that 2 people in 5 have discovered fake profiles online – putting the total number of fake profiles at over 3.5 million, just in the UK, a huge total. With online dating fraud another massive problem too.

So is it time to be looking for a viable alternative to online dating? Well at When the Music we believe so, as the risks are just too great currently and right from when we were formed, more than a decade ago, safety for single females has been one of our highest priorities.

We believe that meeting face to face in a carefully controlled environment is a much better way than meeting online, as it’s one of the only way that we know of where you can check out that vital chemistry face to face and right up front too. We check and verify every online booking through their address and postcode, to verify that they are absolutely who they are saying they are, to try to ensure that our events filled with honest, genuine people, who we can vouch for.

Now that has got to be a better way. . . .don’t you think?

Read Adele Robinson’s full story on Sky News by clicking here

Can long distance relationships work?

Can phone relationships work?

Can long distance relationships work?

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder?

Or is the old adage of ‘out of sight out of mind’ more accurate?

Well in the hurly burly world we live in, in 2013 and beyond, with busy lives and heavy work schedules being the norm for most people, but with the opportunity to communicate much more effectively through the internet and smart phones, then experts tell us that long distance relationships not only can work but can actually be positively advantageous as they give a degree of space too. According to a recent study of 63 couples by the City University of Hong Kong.

Couples in long-distance relationships have stronger relationships in many ways than those who live closer together, the new research shows.

The study in the Journal of Communication found that couples who lived further apart reported feeling closer emotionally to their partners – and sharing more – than those nearer each other geographically. ‘You always hear people say “long-distance relationships suck” or “long-distance relationships never work out, but there is actually compelling evidence to the contrary according to our study”‘ says Crystal Jiang, an assistant professor of communication at City University of Hong Kong.

Though Crystal Jiang points out that modern culture continues to put a high value on being in close proximity to our partner,  the 63 heterosexual dating couples from the study who had been separated for an average of 17 months seemed to suggest otherwise. For months, they tracked interactions with their partners through phone calls, video chats on Skype, Facetime on iphone, Instant Messages, email, texting or face-to-face conversations.

Those in long-distance relationships interacted with each other a bit less often, but – crucially – they reported ‘experiencing greater intimacy’  than couples who were geographically closer. Which proves that long distance relationships can work and might be something worthy of consideration for today’s modern dater, who is open minded.

It is something that is already quite common place in the USA, with over 3 million Americans already being involved in long distance relationships or ‘commuter marriages as they are often termed. The benefits are perceived to be the space that you receive from your partner, but also that a greater closeness and intimacy can now be generated because of improved communication.

So if you’re currently looking for love, is it something that you have closed your mind to in the past but now could be worth a consideration?

Maybe ‘Commuter Marriages’ could be the next big thing in the UK too?


Newly single and thinking about dating again?

Dating horror stories

Guidance on how best to re-enter the singles dating scene If you are thinking about dating again

The end of a previous long term relationship, whether marriage, living with someone or just seeing the same person exclusively for a long time, can leave you with a few emotional scars and it also means that you might feel very out of practice in terms of how and where best to meet other singles and to try dating again.

Are there dating rules in today’s singles scene and have these ‘rules’ changed in recent times? Certainly the world moves on so the way we interact with each other changes alongside this. For example, we can all see how communications are far quicker and less formal and so texting can play a key part in dating today, especially in those early stages.

So what’s the best way to go about meeting a new partner or finding new partners to date and where can you get a little helpful guidance along the way?

Well, we at When The Music Stops have been a major part of the UK dating scene for the past ten years now, so we know a lot about dating in the UK today and can help with guiding you in the right direction. Although initially we specialised in hosting singles events (and these are still an excellent ‘toe in the water’ option for the newly single) we recognise that different dating styles suit different people, so we also provide an online dating service, (with an offer on a month’s free membership on our on line dating site for all our singles events participants) and for a very personal, individually tailored to you service, we offer you exclusive matchmaking through our sister company, Matchmakers, as well as of course, many great singles events across the UK.

If you feel that you might be more comfortable with the services of a personal matchmaker who will provide you with hand selected introductions then take a look at our sister company  Matchmakers– simply click here to discover how personal matchmaking could be the right dating option for you. (more…)

Is the shape of your face the key to lasting happiness?

masculine and feminine face

Does the shape of someones face influence romance?

Is the shape of your face the key to happiness?

A recent study in the British Journal of Psychology has concluded that it is slightly less attractive women that men usually prefer to settle down with as a soul mate.

Apparently the shape of a woman’s face and the attractiveness or femininity of her features play a very big role in the attraction process but maybe not quite in the way that most of us thought, as men don’t appear to see very feminine women as marriage partners and who they should be raising children with but only the appropriate target for a short term fling.

The study by Anthony Little of Stirling University and Benedict Jones at the University of Glasgow,published by the British Journal of Psychology, concludes that it is slightly more masculine women that are snapped up more readily by men for the long term and to bear them children.

So a pointy chin, round cheeks, or a sharp jawbone could just be the features that get you married off quickly, whilst those with more delicate, pretty, feminine features might well have to work much harder to get their man. And what’s more the theory apparently works in reverse too, with the ladies wanting to spend a weekend of unbridled passion with a handsome hunk but would also actually prefer to settle down with someone much plainer.

For the study, several hundred heterosexual men were shown various photographs of the the same woman, some showing feminine characteristics and others with more masculine traits, before being asked to categorise which they would choose for a short term relationship and which they saw as longer term or marriage material.

It seems that security and faithfulness were the main drivers in the decisions that were made.

So the next time you are Speed Dating beware – think through the reasons you are making the choices that you are and give a few minutes thought as to why you may well have been ticked too!

You might be surprised!

Are we really more attractive in the summer?

Are we more attractive in the summer?

Yes it’s official. We Really Are More Attractive in The Summer

We DO all look better in the summer and according to research by online dating specialists, posting new photos onto your dating profiles during the summer months can have a massively positive effect on how you are perceived online and how attractive you are to the opposite sex, writes Bianca London in the Daily Mail.

In the survey apparently this applies particularly to women, with over 82% of people voting that females looked better in their summer clothes but a hefty 66%, or roughly two thirds thought that men looked better in summer attire too.

The whole concept of looking better in the warmer months of the year is explained by Kate Taylor, the resident relationship expert at, said: ‘It’s natural that we find others more appealing in the summer. ‘Typically, both sexes look better when outdoors and relaxed rather than huddled up in hats and scarves. Plus, you’re more likely to be outside enjoying the sunshine and having a good time, and this comes across as much in a photo as it does in person.”

Kate added: ‘If you are currently dating, or looking to start, now is the perfect time to show what makes you great. ‘Make the most of looking happier and healthier, and use the extra confidence boost to meet even more new people. ‘If you’re using a dating service, make sure you have a summery photo for your profile picture, as this will make you look even more attractive in the eyes of your potential date.

‘In fact, why not take the opportunity to give your whole profile a make-over and ensure you’re summer-ready.’

We believe it’s actually very good advice too, as your dating profile does need to be upgraded and freshened periodically, so when better to do that than the summer, when your summer clothes can make you look, happier, healthier, more stylish and certainly more attractive to the opposite sex too.

To read the full article from Bianca London, go to the Mail Online by clicking on the link below:

Read more

A personal online dating solution

Relationship break ups

Is the spark diminishing from Online Dating?

Do you ever feel like the spark is diminishing from online dating? Those countless hours spent in front of your computer screen, trawling through dating profiles can never compete with the excitement of those rare moments where you have just locked glances with a beautiful stranger.

So strong is the feeling in New York that daters across the pond have put the interaction and excitement back into meeting strangers with a new U.S. dating phenomenon called Cheek’d.

Cheek’d works by nestling a little black business-like card on an attractive someone. On the card there’s a short note reading something like Find me, along with a singles website and a code. Other such phrases include ‘I’m hitting on you’ and ‘I am totally cooler than your date.’ Those lucky enough to acquire one of these mysterious little black cards can use the code to contact their admirer for free.

Lori Cheek, told When The Music Stops: (more…)

When you are ready to date after divorce?

Is it too soon to date?

How soon is too soon to date after divorce

This month began with a very public feud between a recently separated A-list husband and A-list wife. The glamorous couple were married for seven years before splitting up in January earlier this year.

After photographs appeared showing the Wife named Heidi and her bodyguard looking close, the husband named Seal publicly expressed his annoyance. He commented: “I would of thought that Heidi would have shown a little more class and at least waited until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help, as it were.”

Following Heidi’s angry response which described her husband’s comment as “untruths”, Seal’s representative stated: “Seal would like to clarify that he was not implying his wife was cheating on him while they were together.

“But rather he was pointing out that they are separated and the divorce is not final so they are legally still married.”

As there seems to be a constant stream of celebrity break-ups followed by the media, it seems that we should try and make use of them in some way and learn from others’ mistakes.

Undoubtedly, this star-studded dispute goes to remind separated couples who are going through very similar situations, of an unanswered question on their lips: just how soon is ‘too soon’ to date after a divorce or during a separation?

We feel this is an important question to not only ask your ‘separatee’ husband/wife, but to also ask yourself.

After pondering this question, we decided it was time for some expert advice. So we asked Dating coach David Wygant – when should someone begin dating after separating from a partner?

David answered, “Do not even think of dating after you’re divorced until you are 100% sure that you are fully healed and feeling great again.

“One bad date can throw you back into the arms of the dreaded ex and that can cause you even more pain in the long run.

“Heal and take your time and when you’re ready to date again, then have fun and realise that being single means you have a chance to do it right this time.”

We concur!

(At least you don’t have to worry about your post-separation dating escapades going public!)


A fresh new relationship through When the Music Stops

Getting proactive to find love

Getting proactive after divorce – Jeff’s story

When Jeff Ragsdale’s relationship ended and the hurtful aftermath of a bad break up began, he made the drastic decision to step out of the ‘newly single’ comfort zone and make his own luck.

Inspired by flyers pinned along the streets of New York, Jeff decided to distribute his own flyers, however these were not advertising for dog walkers or roommates. Jeff’s read:

If anyone wants to talk about anything, call me.
(347) 469-3173.
Jeff, One Lonely Guy.

Rather unexpectedly, he had an overwhelming response: “I became like a confession booth, relationship councillor, sex therapist…

“I would answer calls and texts all hours of the night and day and I noticed, you know, it’s identifiable; everyone’s been lonely”.

Here at When The Music Stops, we believe that Jeff’s experience sends out a clear message to all singles; whether single and ready to mingle or you’re just searching for a new friendship, being proactive is key. Maintaining this kind of positive attitude will get you much further towards a fresh new relationship, rather than developing a love affair with your sofa and two very tasty friends named ‘Ben’ and ‘Jerry’.

So if you have had a recent break up or it was two years ago since you found your love of ice cream, then it’s time you realised that there are plenty of other singles out there too.

To get the ball rolling why not try a When the Music Stops event? We are dedicated to helping singles find their significant other and we make it fun too with plenty of events to choose from including speed dating, tribute nights, party nights and dinner parties. If you’re looking for a more bespoke service, then our Matchmakers personal introductions product is for you. We’ll give you your personal Matchmaker who will make it their mission to find your soul mate.

So put down the spoon, step away from the couch and give us a call!

For further information on When the Music Stops or Matchmakers check out our websites at or

UK Dates for rainy days

Dating Safely with When the Music Stops

Alternative dates – for when the weather is against you – Dates for Rainy Days

So you’ve been to a When The Music Stops singles dating event and secured a date. Checking through the weather forecast for the upcoming week, you realise that your plan for that romantic summer date is now lost to the dreadful rainy ‘summer’ weather.

There is probably a scrapyard somewhere for romantic walks in the park, picnics, evening in the beer garden and trips to the beach which will have all been washed away by our constant downpours of rain!

So we thought it was about time we provided some ideas for a rainy date.

Salsa dancing

Find your local salsa dancing class. As well as being a great ice breaker, salsa dancing is loads of fun and is even a good spot of exercise. On future dates salsa can be practiced at your home and you never know, you could have just found your new hobby.

Wine tasting

Wine can settle those first date nerves so why not book two places at a wine tasting evening and become wine connoisseurs together!

Ice Skating

Be adventurous and go ice-skating. This can be a good laugh and you won’t be worrying about when it is the right moment to do this as your date will soon be grabbing your hand; what a great excuse!

Rent a movie

Instead of trudging through the torrential downpour to the cinema, try renting a movie together instead and make those nights in on the sofa more entertaining with some of your own microwavable popcorn and snacks.

Indoor picnic

Don’t let the weather ruin your plans for a romantic picnic. Bring the park to your home and have an indoor picnic instead! At least here you will be allowed candles!

With these interesting (and most importantly romantic) date ideas, your When The Music Stops singles dating success will not be washed away.

Lots of different people for you to meet!

Find Love With Singles Events in Nottingham

Find Love With Singles Events in Nottingham

 There is no doubt that it’s getting harder and harder to find a great person to settle down with.

Some people seem to do it easily while it’s a lot harder for others. For many people it’s very hard to find enough time to meet quality people. All of us at some point want to be able to find a great partner to settle down with but we all know it’s not that easy all the time.

Especially if you are someone who works in a busy career where there is a lot expected of you. Good news is that there are ways that you can meet a lot of new people in as short a timespan as possible and it’s via singles events Nottingham.

Finding the time to meet new people is only half the battle because you could end up making time for this area of your life but still not meet a quality person to share your life with. So what you need to do is maximise your dating efforts so to speak. You need to be able to meet new people in a way whereby you can maximise your chances of meeting the right person.

Here are some of the prerequisites you need to be able to fit:

  1. They need to also be single and looking for the same things as you
  2. They need to have similar interests to you
  3. They need to be the kind of person you’d settle down with


At a singles event Nottingham there is a high chance you will end up meeting someone who fits these three prerequisites. You will meet many single people at the various events and this means by default you’ll end up with a high chance of meeting the right kind of people for a relationship.

You can find the post here

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