What is Speed Dating?

Speed Dating

What is Speed Dating and how does it work?

After the online dating scandals highlighted last Monday by the BBC’s Panorama programme ‘Tainted Love’, we have been inundated with inquiries this week about Speed Dating and how it works, so we felt a few words of positioning and explanation might help. So if you have not tried Speed Dating before this could be for you?

Speed Dating was actually invented in the late 1990’s by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of  the Jewish Church in Florida, because not enough young Jewish were meeting and marrying, so it is an extremely wholesome activity and is definitely not anything sleazy or ‘adult’ in the internet sense of the word. The concept first came into the UK in 2003 and When the Music Stops were one of the first to run Speed Dating events during that year. The first independent Speed Dating event had taken place in Peet’s Cafe in Beverly Hills, California, in 1998.

The problem with online dating, is the truthfulness and sincerity of the profiles and accuracy of the photographs, plus as there are no background checks required whatsoever in the UK, anyone can be anything to anybody and sadly no one seems to care. But with Speed Dating that simply can’t happen and consequently it does make it an absolutely excellent way of meeting. With Speed Dating there is a requirement to book in advance and with When the Music Stops we insist on a home address and post code (which is physically checked for accuracy), email address and phone contact number with every booking, so we ARE confident that our attendees are who they say they are.

Also, very importantly, you can’t portray yourself at a Speed Dating event as 20 years younger, as everybody meets everybody else face to face rather than just seeing a photo, which is a huge advantage. It is the only form of dating we know where that vital chemistry is checked out right upfront and you can clearly see whether there is a spark or not, rather than messaging and emailing backwards and forwards for weeks or maybe months without getting anywhere.

You also typically get to meet and talk to 15 – 20 members of the opposite sex, which is more dates than you would normally expect in around 6 months online.

Tables of two are set up around the room, with each lady being allocated to her own table for the duration of the evening, with the men moving round and spending around 5 minutes with each lady, to give each couple the chance to chat and tell each other a little about themselves, before the organiser will move them on again. Feedback is recorded on a ‘match sheet’, so that you can remember everyone at the end of the evening and then you just choose ‘Date’ ‘Friend’ or ‘No thanks’ for each of the people you have met,

Our rules are also that people conduct themselves and interact politely, that they meet everyone during the evening and we then do all the rest by providing feedback and your results within 24 hours.

It’s absolutely brilliant fun and we guarantee that if you did take the plunge and try it, you’d probably be back time and time again.

Unless of course, you meet your special someone the very first time, which can happen.

Have a look at our range of events now and go on, give it a go!!

Our event listings.

Or search for your own county or nearest large town from our homepage.



Are we really more attractive in the summer?

Are we more attractive in the summer?

Yes it’s official. We Really Are More Attractive in The Summer

We DO all look better in the summer and according to research by online dating specialists Match.com, posting new photos onto your dating profiles during the summer months can have a massively positive effect on how you are perceived online and how attractive you are to the opposite sex, writes Bianca London in the Daily Mail.

In the Match.com survey apparently this applies particularly to women, with over 82% of people voting that females looked better in their summer clothes but a hefty 66%, or roughly two thirds thought that men looked better in summer attire too.

The whole concept of looking better in the warmer months of the year is explained by Kate Taylor, the resident relationship expert at match.com, said: ‘It’s natural that we find others more appealing in the summer. ‘Typically, both sexes look better when outdoors and relaxed rather than huddled up in hats and scarves. Plus, you’re more likely to be outside enjoying the sunshine and having a good time, and this comes across as much in a photo as it does in person.”

Kate added: ‘If you are currently dating, or looking to start, now is the perfect time to show what makes you great. ‘Make the most of looking happier and healthier, and use the extra confidence boost to meet even more new people. ‘If you’re using a dating service, make sure you have a summery photo for your profile picture, as this will make you look even more attractive in the eyes of your potential date.

‘In fact, why not take the opportunity to give your whole profile a make-over and ensure you’re summer-ready.’

We believe it’s actually very good advice too, as your dating profile does need to be upgraded and freshened periodically, so when better to do that than the summer, when your summer clothes can make you look, happier, healthier, more stylish and certainly more attractive to the opposite sex too.

To read the full article from Bianca London, go to the Mail Online by clicking on the link below:

Read more

When you are ready to date after divorce?

Is it too soon to date?

How soon is too soon to date after divorce

This month began with a very public feud between a recently separated A-list husband and A-list wife. The glamorous couple were married for seven years before splitting up in January earlier this year.

After photographs appeared showing the Wife named Heidi and her bodyguard looking close, the husband named Seal publicly expressed his annoyance. He commented: “I would of thought that Heidi would have shown a little more class and at least waited until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help, as it were.”

Following Heidi’s angry response which described her husband’s comment as “untruths”, Seal’s representative stated: “Seal would like to clarify that he was not implying his wife was cheating on him while they were together.

“But rather he was pointing out that they are separated and the divorce is not final so they are legally still married.”

As there seems to be a constant stream of celebrity break-ups followed by the media, it seems that we should try and make use of them in some way and learn from others’ mistakes.

Undoubtedly, this star-studded dispute goes to remind separated couples who are going through very similar situations, of an unanswered question on their lips: just how soon is ‘too soon’ to date after a divorce or during a separation?

We feel this is an important question to not only ask your ‘separatee’ husband/wife, but to also ask yourself.

After pondering this question, we decided it was time for some expert advice. So we asked Dating coach David Wygant – when should someone begin dating after separating from a partner?

David answered, “Do not even think of dating after you’re divorced until you are 100% sure that you are fully healed and feeling great again.

“One bad date can throw you back into the arms of the dreaded ex and that can cause you even more pain in the long run.

“Heal and take your time and when you’re ready to date again, then have fun and realise that being single means you have a chance to do it right this time.”

We concur!

(At least you don’t have to worry about your post-separation dating escapades going public!)



UK Dates for rainy days

Dating Safely with When the Music Stops

Alternative dates – for when the weather is against you – Dates for Rainy Days

So you’ve been to a When The Music Stops singles dating event and secured a date. Checking through the weather forecast for the upcoming week, you realise that your plan for that romantic summer date is now lost to the dreadful rainy ‘summer’ weather.

There is probably a scrapyard somewhere for romantic walks in the park, picnics, evening in the beer garden and trips to the beach which will have all been washed away by our constant downpours of rain!

So we thought it was about time we provided some ideas for a rainy date.

Salsa dancing

Find your local salsa dancing class. As well as being a great ice breaker, salsa dancing is loads of fun and is even a good spot of exercise. On future dates salsa can be practiced at your home and you never know, you could have just found your new hobby.

Wine tasting

Wine can settle those first date nerves so why not book two places at a wine tasting evening and become wine connoisseurs together!

Ice Skating

Be adventurous and go ice-skating. This can be a good laugh and you won’t be worrying about when it is the right moment to do this as your date will soon be grabbing your hand; what a great excuse!

Rent a movie

Instead of trudging through the torrential downpour to the cinema, try renting a movie together instead and make those nights in on the sofa more entertaining with some of your own microwavable popcorn and snacks.

Indoor picnic

Don’t let the weather ruin your plans for a romantic picnic. Bring the park to your home and have an indoor picnic instead! At least here you will be allowed candles!

With these interesting (and most importantly romantic) date ideas, your When The Music Stops singles dating success will not be washed away.

Why go Speed Dating?

Speed Dating is for all age groups

Is Speed Dating the very best way of meeting others?

Those evenings spent weaving in and out of bars getting pushed and shoved, squinting in dark, noisy clubs and having beer spilt all over you, often result in a date where you never saw what the person looked like in the first place or hours of awkward silences which leave you brainstorming excuses to escape.

There are many ways to meet your potential Mr or Mrs Right but let’s face it, this isn’t one of them; where the conversation entails yelling in each other’s ears, covered in a combination of Guinness and vodka shots, finding your soulmate may be a rare occurrence.

With When the Music Stops, speed dating events, you can treat yourself to a special alternative to this disastrous hunt for your other half.


Here are 5 reasons why a singleton should venture into speed dating:

  • Meet new people: Meeting lots of new faces is the beauty of speed dating and indeed, it is what defines it. Even if the numbers in your phone at the end of the evening are not that exciting to you, you may have just met your new best friend.
  • Practice makes perfect: It is often said by both men and women that confidence is what makes a person attractive. After just half an hour and several dates, speed dating will have already perfected your opening line. You’ll be brimming with confidence.
  • Chances of compatibility are heightened: Speed dating events are regularly organised around different age groups. Attending the appropriate event can ensure that you’ll be meeting a group of people who will more than likely have the same interests and attitudes as you. Flowing conversation and lots of laughs are bound to fill up your evening.
  • Perfect atmosphere: Speed dating events take place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere which is made to run all the more smoothly by our professional, friendly hosts. You can enjoy the comfortable, private venues which reduce the likelihood of losing your voice or smelling of stale alcohol the next day.
  • No time wasting: Everybody is there for the same reason and with a few minutes for each meeting, your precious time is not wasted on anyone and your precious money is not wasted either.

Our previous experience from over 5000 dating events means we have the potential to transform your dating experiences. So if you haven’t already, with the support of some single friends, try out a When The Music Stops speed dating event near you and let speed dating rewrite your dating history.

Speed Dating Hints And Tips

Speed Dating hints and tips

How to get the most from Speed Dating

Speed dating is a fun and exciting way of meeting new people – everyone is there just for that purpose, and we certainly try and make our events as relaxed as possible. However, it is obviously a little daunting no matter how outgoing you are, as there are few times in life we are put in a position to talk to twenty or so complete strangers!
Below I’ve compiled a list of tips to help out people new to Speed Dating based on what I’ve seen work in past events and what I believe is the best way to give the best impression. However, with all of this it is important to remember that (as corny as it sounds) you need to be yourself!!

  • Dress up rather than going casual.
    • It’s amazing how many people (Mostly men!) turn up in their work clothes and trainers and realise that they’re horribly under dressed. You don’t need to turn up in a tuxedo, but realise that these events are supposed to be (at least with WTMS) stylish events and you certainly want to dress for the occasion. A good shirt and jacket is a good way to start off, but try and be yourself aswell!
  • Don’t use the pre-made questions.
    • Although we (and many other companies) will provide you with some pre-made questions to help you out in any difficult spots, they are a terrible way to show off your personality and really get to know someone. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve heard people just read off the list of questions, so if you want to stand out, make sure you prepare some of your own!
  • Have answers to the basic questions prepared.
    • Imagine the kind of questions you’d prepare, and then think of the responses you’d give if they asked you that. Not that you need to memorise them, but it’s amazing how many people have to spend a while thinking about their favourite places to eat!
  • Come with friends.
    • Many women come with friends whilst most men do not. Not only does it help you relax, but it also makes you seem like you’re there to have fun, not just for a serious relationship.
  • Don’t talk about other people.
    • Everyone is there to hear about you, not your friend, last speed date or parents! Its important to stress that you won’t get anywhere by just asking questions, you need to open yourself up a bit too!
  • Try and find something in common.
    • The best speed dates are always the ones who manage to find something in common. As you only have a few minutes, talking about something you both enjoy is the best way to spend them. However, don’t limit this just to hobbies and sports, if you have a real passion for something, try and see if they do too!
  • Avoid controversial or difficult topics.
    • It goes without saying, but think carefully before the speed dating about topics that might be controversial or difficult for others to get involved in. Sometimes talking about past relationships isn’t a good idea and neither is politics or physics. As always though, try and be interesting!
  •  Stay around at the end.
    • It’s surprising how few people stay around at the end to keep talking to the people they’ve met, and it’s always a good idea to grab a drink and see if someone wants to carry on the conversation. However it is very important to remember that the person you want to talk to may well have their eyes on someone else as well, so make sure to give everyone enough space to mingle with everyone else.
  • Have fun!
    • Remember that you are there to enjoy yourself, and that you shouldn’t feel pressured or worried, as everyone is there to meet new people! It’s something that although obvious, is very different from everyday life, and that’s what makes speed dating so special.


Singles events – what to wear

Dress up or dress down?

Dress to impress or dress casually – the conundrum?

Anyone who’s ever tried to get ready for a date knows just how difficult it can be deciding on what to wear: will it look like I’m trying too hard if I wear this? Will I be able to walk in these shoes? Is this too casual?  It can be even more daunting trying to decide what to wear for a dating event considering there’s going to be more than just one person judging you!


36 Questions to Fall in Love?

Can 36 questions make a couple fall in love?

Can 36 questions asked in 45 minutes make a couple fall in love?

Most of our early interactions when meeting new people involve asking and being asked questions to get to know an individual better. This is even more apparent in speed dating, and knowing the right questions to ask – and when – could be the way to forming successful new relationships. Everyone has their own theories on the best way to approach this, and a psychologist claims to have found the perfect set, which has been investigated by the Times’ Magazine supplement.


A blog a day… Our Dating Blog

Our guarantee

Welcome to the When the Music Stops Dating Blog

First of all can we please welcome you to the When the Music Stops Dating Blog.

Whether you’re new to dating and When the Music Stops or an old hand that has been around a fair while and attended lots of events already, you’re very welcome and we hope you will find it informative and entertaining. We’ll be adding articles on all sorts of dating subjects and issues, some of it will be hard hitting and controversial, but usually we will have a view and we hope that you will too.


Welcome to When the Music Stops

Welcome to the When the Music Stops Dating Blog

Blogging and When the Music Stops

As the lead web developer at When the Music Stops.com, I have been asked very nicely to create a blog for our dating franchise business and here it is! Frequent blog readers should find a familiar feel to our blog as we are using a very commonly used system. This I would like to add is not entirely due to my own laziness but because I think it offers an extremely good platform to our readers and also our writers.

So what is a blog?

According to Google: “A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.”
In my experience not all blogs are equal. Some have 3 posts from 2008 and haven’t had much to add since. Some blogs seem to host the ramblings of people that aren’t entirely specific about why they are blogging or even existing on this planet. We hope to follow some of the exceptional blogs out there that capture the hearts and minds of people truly interested in a given subject and where you will find frequent (although not too much so) new posts that are easy to read and fun to digest.

What is our blog all about?

Well I sincerely hope it will be far more interesting than this first post, but we all have to start somewhere! Our blog is intended to tell you about what we are really passionate about.. ‘dating’ .. not blogs. Dating is commonly interpreted as a pretty dirty subject, particularly when it comes to online dating and dating websites. Doesn’t always have to be the case. Our business has been happily running since 2003 to bring real life bonefide single people together to find friendship, companionship, happiness, love, confidence, fun, enjoyment and many other good things besides.
Our company is run by a great team of honest and hardworking individuals that are motivated by bringing single people together in a safe and enjoyable environment and really this blog is all about how we do that and to share with you some of the more interesting experiences along the way – without of course compromising anyone’s privacy.

You will be hearing from many of the great people in the team on our blog, from Mike the Managing Director and our many brilliant event organisers and ‘Matchmakers’, right the way down to me and the other people lurking here in the cob-webbed storage cupboard that beaver away to make our website work!

So, happy reading and if there’s anything I can do to make your reading more enjoyable, please ask.

Lots of different people for you to meet!

Find Love With Singles Events in Nottingham

Find Love With Singles Events in Nottingham

 There is no doubt that it’s getting harder and harder to find a great person to settle down with.

Some people seem to do it easily while it’s a lot harder for others. For many people it’s very hard to find enough time to meet quality people. All of us at some point want to be able to find a great partner to settle down with but we all know it’s not that easy all the time.

Especially if you are someone who works in a busy career where there is a lot expected of you. Good news is that there are ways that you can meet a lot of new people in as short a timespan as possible and it’s via singles events Nottingham.

Finding the time to meet new people is only half the battle because you could end up making time for this area of your life but still not meet a quality person to share your life with. So what you need to do is maximise your dating efforts so to speak. You need to be able to meet new people in a way whereby you can maximise your chances of meeting the right person.

Here are some of the prerequisites you need to be able to fit:

  1. They need to also be single and looking for the same things as you
  2. They need to have similar interests to you
  3. They need to be the kind of person you’d settle down with


At a singles event Nottingham there is a high chance you will end up meeting someone who fits these three prerequisites. You will meet many single people at the various events and this means by default you’ll end up with a high chance of meeting the right kind of people for a relationship.

You can find the post here

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