Dating Mistakes Men Make That Turn Women Off

3 Major Dating Mistakes Men Make That Turn Women Off Completely, And Ruin Their Chances Of Getting A Second Date

Are you a single man who has been looking for love only to find that you are struggling to meet the right person?

Many men struggle with finding a great partner to share their lives with, this is something that many men have problems with and it’s not something that is easy to fix. You may have even been on a few dates only to realise that your dates are not coming back for a second date.

If this happens one or two times then you know that it’s probably just a problem with her and you just weren’t a good fit for each other. However, if it’s happening to you frequently then there is a problem that you need to fix.

Here are some of the common mistakes that men make that you could be making that are turning women off you completely and ruining your chances of getting that second date.

  1. Bragging – Men who brag are not attractive to women. If you are always bragging about your money, cars, achievements, then it’s only going to make you appear self-scented. Besides, a truly confident man doesn’t feel the need to brag and elevate himself higher to other people because he is already comfortable within himself.
  1. Appearing desperate – Compliments and flattery are a good thing and what women doesn’t like a great compliment. However, if on the first date you are showering her with compliments repeatedly then you won’t seem like you are being genuine.
  1. Calling repeatedly – A man that is always calling or texting a woman comes off as desperate. So limit it to one phone call or even a simple text message saying you enjoyed the first date together and would like to catch up again rather than bombarding her with calls and texts.

There could be a variety of reasons why you are not getting second dates but these three tend to be common mistakes made by men that ruin their chances of getting a second date.

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