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All about the Via Fossa

Via Fossa is a lively bar in Central Nottingham, with sister venues in Manchester and Canary Wharf in London and its the sort of place where there is something always going on.

It's spacious, friendly and backs onto Nottingham's trendy waterfront. We have arranged our Speed Dating events on the first floor away from the main hustle and bustle. It has its own private bar area giving you the chance to mingle and chat both before the event and during the breaks.

Via Fossa's drinks are reasonably priced and there is an exciting food menu. So why not come early to enjoy the facilities and atmosphere.

Future Events at VIA FOSSA

We are adding events all the time so please check back soon, or sign up for a free account to recieve updates from Via Fossa

Lots of different people for you to meet!

Who Should Pay When Going Out On Dates

Who Should Pay When Going Out On Dates

The question of who should pay on a date is one that always rears its head. It is a question that men and women of the world will always be looking to answer.

Quite often, this tends to become somewhat of a source of anxiety, especially for men who grow up in a culture where it’s somewhat of an expected social norm for them to pay for dates. However, in today’s modern world this just doesn’t stick anymore.

Women can pay for dates as well and there is a simple way to get around all of this.

The simple way is via sharing.

Both men and women should pay for dates and the simple way to organise this is to take it in turns.

It’s important that you voice your thoughts straight away as well rather than just waiting until the end of the night. Without establishing some standards straight up then it’s bound to result in confusion or possibly worse.

All you need to do is let your date know how you think it should work. Tell them you will pay for the first date and they can pay the second, and vice versa. This is the most diplomatic and simple way to solve this issue.

It’s important you do voice this though because there have been some horror stories in the past around this issue. Take the case of Londoner Kishora Nimmala who was fined £1200 for refusing to pay a drinks bill. Nimmala wanted his date to split the bill but didn’t tell her when they first went out, therefore she assumed he’d be paying for the drinks bill and when he asked to split the bill she refused.

See the point here?

Always let your date know first that you want to pay and then they can pay the next time around. A simple, but effective diplomatic solution that ensures both people will be happy and will have a great time on their date.

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