Finding That Spark – What is Chemistry?

What Is Chemistry And Why Do You Struggle To Generate It?

Chemistry. Finding That Spark!

We have all heard about it and we all know it. Most of us have probably experienced it at some time or another.

However, some people may struggle to generate any kind of chemistry when out on dates and feel clueless about what it even is.

So what even is chemistry?

Chemistry is nothing but a FEELING. It’s that feeling you get when you feel a combination of intense sexual attraction to someone and an emotional connection with them and is often referred to as finding that spark, when two people feel attracted to each other or immediately hit it off.

You may be at a point now where you struggle to generate chemistry with the people you date and finding that spark may seem elusive, but no doubt you are at least familiar with it and would have experienced it at some point.

So why would someone struggle to generate these kinds of feelings?

There are two main reasons why.

  1. Being too afraid to show your sexual attraction to a woman
  2. Not connecting with anything she says

Both are relatively easy to fix.

Being too afraid to show sexual attraction to a woman is a large part down to worrying too much about her reaction, that is, if she’ll reject you.

A truth is that you cannot control the reactions of other people so this fear is completely irrational. She is either going to like you or not like you and that is completely normal.

So you need to show your interest. Tell her what is attractive about her, hold her hand, show her you think she is attractive. If she doesn’t like you then it’s nothing personal.

Remember, you cannot possibly control the reactions of other people.

Not connecting in many cases is simply because you are not listening properly and then elaborating on what she says. Actually listen to her. All women want a guy that will listen to them.

Then make some statements about the topic, share your own stories on the topic. Connecting is all about sharing stories and experiences. Show her that you understand her.

It can be frustrating when you struggle to generate chemistry but try following the pieces of advice above and you should find that things become a little easier.

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