About Speed Dating

Speed Dating and what to expect

About Speed Dating

Speed dating singles events began in the USA,  quickly spreading here to the UK as a great way for local singles to get to know lots of other local singles in one fun, safe and entertaining evening out.

Although on-line dating has really taken off in the past ten years or so, we have found that this has only added to the popularity of our fun and social singles events. On-line dating seems to have encouraged all of us singles to be that little bit more proactive, to get out there and meet other singles, whether for future dates, to make more friends, or perhaps to find our true Soulmate. And as many of us who have tried on-line dating will have discovered, looking for a future partner via an on-line date site can be pretty time consuming. However, in complete contrast, you will find that our speed dating events are a really simple, fun and speedy way of having lots of  ‘dates’ all lined up for you to meet face to face.

What happens when I come along to a When The Music Stops speed dating singles event?

When you arrive you will be welcomed by one of our friendly and experienced hosts, checked in and given a personal named and numbered badge for the event, a matching sheet on which to mark whether you have met a possible date, potential friend or neither, invited to get a drink at the bar and introduced to other attendees. And please don’t be nervous about chatting with the others as everyone will be in the same postion as you, so most will welcome a friendly hello and a smile. And don’t worry, we know how to ensure  that everyone feels at their ease and enjoys their evening with us.

After arrivals there is a short introductory speech which runs through the format for the evening  and then the dating gets underway. Ladies remain seated at individual small tables and gentleman move in strictly numerical order to chat with each potential partner just ‘one to one,’ for around 5 minutes. It’s enough time to get to know a little about each other and to detect whether there might be that all important spark but not too much time as maybe one particular potential partner will not be for you!  The event progresses with the host signalling, usually with a bell, that it’s time for the gentlemen to move one lady along and there is usually a mid session break if there are quite a few potential dates to meet. This provides everyone with a chance to mingle and chat with all the other guests there as it’s also a great opportunity to make some new single friends.

You simply keep your notes discreetly as to who you might like to see again on your matching sheet, handing this in to your host at the end of the event. We will do the rest for you, letting you know about all your successful matches within 48 hours and often sooner. And to protect all our guests we only give out contact numbers where we have both parties’ approval.

What are the venues like?

We only use upmarket venues such as trendy and stylish bars in good locations for our speed dating evenings – the sort of places we know will attract good calibre singles for you to meet. We use venues in locations all around the UK and look at factors such as the right ambiance and style, good transport links, safe parking nearby and an excellent local reputation.

Do I need to book my place early?

Our speed dating events can be very, very popular and often sell out before the night. Mostly bookings are made before the day but it can be worth checking our website singles events listings to see if there might be a space still remaining for you if looking last minute.

How do I book?

Booking your space on line through our website is very straightforward. Just click on the event and click the Book Now button. This takes you to a page with more information about the event and will confirm if there is a place still available for you. If so, proceed with your booking by completing the information requested on our secure booking form and your card details on the next page. If you prefer, you can also book by telephone during office hours by calling 0845 2303199. There is a £1.50 booking fee applied to telephone bookings. (No booking fee if you book online).

Will I meet others of around my own age?

We recommend an age group for each singles event including our Speed Dating evenings. These are not rigidly enforced but guests do fit within or very close to the age suggested as this enables everyone to get the most out of the evening.

What about timings?

You will find the suggested arrival time and duration of the event given on the event desciption on our main singles events listings on our website. They typically start around 7.30 pm but as this varies and can be later so it’s important to check this on the event listing. Try to be on time as it gives you time to get settled and enjoy the venue and your host time to greet everyone and start the evening as smoothly as possible.

Should I bring a friend?

Quite a few of our singles events attendees do ask a friend if they would like to come along too and you are very welcome to do that. However, if it’s just you, please be assured that many other singles will also be there on their own. And alone or with other friends, everyone is made to feel most welcome and soon chatting with our other guests.

What should I wear?

These are potential dates that you are meeting  so obvoiusly you want to make a good impression but it’s not a royal garden party. Wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in, and something that you feel is in keeping with the upmarket venue we have chosen.


Lots of different people for you to meet!

Find Love With Singles Events in Nottingham

Find Love With Singles Events in Nottingham

 There is no doubt that it’s getting harder and harder to find a great person to settle down with.

Some people seem to do it easily while it’s a lot harder for others. For many people it’s very hard to find enough time to meet quality people. All of us at some point want to be able to find a great partner to settle down with but we all know it’s not that easy all the time.

Especially if you are someone who works in a busy career where there is a lot expected of you. Good news is that there are ways that you can meet a lot of new people in as short a timespan as possible and it’s via singles events Nottingham.

Finding the time to meet new people is only half the battle because you could end up making time for this area of your life but still not meet a quality person to share your life with. So what you need to do is maximise your dating efforts so to speak. You need to be able to meet new people in a way whereby you can maximise your chances of meeting the right person.

Here are some of the prerequisites you need to be able to fit:

  1. They need to also be single and looking for the same things as you
  2. They need to have similar interests to you
  3. They need to be the kind of person you’d settle down with


At a singles event Nottingham there is a high chance you will end up meeting someone who fits these three prerequisites. You will meet many single people at the various events and this means by default you’ll end up with a high chance of meeting the right kind of people for a relationship.

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