How To Dress On A First Date: A Man’s Short Guide

How To Dress On A First Date: A Man’s Short Guide

So you’ve now got your first date coming up with a lovely lady and now you want to leave her with a dazzling impression of you.

Well, it should be obvious by now that looks do matter and the way you look on your first date matters. However, this is nothing to become anxious about because it is very simple to look your best on a first date and leave her with a dazzling first impression of you.

First of all, there are two kinds of dates; the casual date and the dinner date. Casual dates are more things like maybe attending a sporting event together, going to a music concert, could even be a stroll in the park, or something similar.

Either way for this kind of date you can still look great. Simple rules to follow are to make sure your clothes fit you and aren’t baggy. Wear a nice pair of jeans, a collared or dress shirt. Your shoes could be a casual leather style and make sure you have a belt that matches your shoes.

The dinner date is something that is a bit more formal and also the way you dress for this depends of where it is you’ll be going. The rules for dress here are somewhat similar to the casual date except that you may want to opt for some more formal looking leather shoes and stick to strictly wearing a dress shirt. A jacket is also a good option here to, and if you want to have a casual look that can pass for formal then a leather jacket is a great choice.

Dressing for a first date that leaves a woman with a dazzling impression of you is not as hard as you may think. It takes a bit of common sense and plain effort. If you put effort into it she’ll notice and she’ll already have a great first impression of you.

So dress in style and have fun on your first date.

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