Making Sure You Find A Great Match At A Speed Dating Event

Speed dating events are a great way to have fun and meet a partner. There are speed-dating events that are held throughout all of the UK and many of them are in fine establishments like upmarket bars and hotels.

However, in a typical speed-dating event you will be meeting lots of new people and you won’t have much time to speak to each person. So you need a logical and efficient way of approaching this and it’s by making sure you find out as much important information about that person as possible.

If you are nervous about a speed-dating event, particularly if it’s your first time attending one then it can help to have some short and simple questions ready to ask. This way you are prepared for the evening and can make the most of your time.

Here are a few important topics to talk about:
1. The kind of work they do.
2. Their background.
3. Their hobbies and interests.
4. What they’re looking for in a relationship.
5. Interesting experiences they’ve had.
6. Favourites places they’ve travelled to.

There are dozens of topics you can talk about with someone but given the time constraints with speed dating it’s best to just stick to a few at first and then if you feel a connection with a certain individual you can organise to meet up another time to continue to conversation.

Speed dating is a great way to reinvigorate your dating life but you need to approach it with the right strategy in order to make the most of it. Memorise a few of these topics for your next speed dating event so you can find the people you are most likely to have a connection with.

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