National Kissing Day In The UK: The Perfect Excuse To Share The Passion And Joy Of Kissing

National Kissing Day is an event that has been successfully running for 10 years now and couples all over the UK have participated eagerly. Now we want to invite you to join in on the fun of this occasion.

Kissing amongst young people in particular occurs very often, particularly amongst lovers in the 18-24 age bracket. What we know is that lovers in this age bracket are making out around 11 times per week on average, which is a pretty healthy average for kissing we must say! One thing we certainly know is that kissing regularly is a great way to maintain physical passion in a relationship so why not start kissing your partner more?

We think National Kissing Day is a great excuse to do just that!

Here at When The Music Stops, we would like to invite you on this journey of kissing on this day. It’s not just about the kissing either, it’s about sharing in the love that two people have for one another. Sharing in the passion that they have for one another. That is what kissing is really all about.

We want to help spread the joy and passion of kissing especially when it’s with someone you care about. There is something special about kissing someone passionately that you care about.

Great news is that this is easy to get involved with as well. All you need to do is get in touch with the team at National Kissing Day and you can take part. You can help spread the coverage for this event and spread the love and joy of kissing.

This is only taking place on one day of the year, on the 19th June, so if you have a partner you’d like to share this moment with then let them know. Let them know that the day is all about sharing the passion and joy of kissing one another and take part in this event.


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