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As many as 1 in 5 Online Dating profiles are fake says the survey

A huge % of online dating profiles are fabricated reports Sky News.

A recent survey conducted by has found that as many as 20% of all online profiles are fake.

The recent poll of a substantial number of online daters (in excess of 2,000) found that  18% of people had lied about their age, 28% of people exaggerated their financial status and 10% had been untruthful about where they lived, which would mean that literally millions of profiles currently online are false and inaccurate.

Despite the recent formation of the Online Dating Association and an industry watchdog Paladin, the online dating sector does seem a very troubled arena currently, with only 13 of over 1,000 UK based sites having signed up to support the development of a kite marking system for the future.

This huge problem initiates from the fact that in the UK currently there is no requirement for any kind of background checks to be conducted on people joining dating sites.

Dominic Blackburn, spokesman for which carried out the survey, said: “It’s very easy to present yourself in a very different way on online dating sites and social networking sites – it’s far easier to do it on that than on a face to face basis.”

At When the Music Stops it has long been our belief that meeting face to face is actually the very best way of meeting new friends and potential partners. Meeting through dating events gives you the chance to check out that vital chemistry face to face in an organised, professionally supervised and safe environment, before deciding whether or not to take things further with a potential date.

We also gather home addresses for all of our online bookings and verify through postcode and banking details that the person actually is who they say they are.

Now hasn’t that got to be a better and safer way forward for everyone?

We firmly believe that it is.



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