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Online Dating – a try before you buy scheme but without the guarantee?

It is said that humans judge a person within the first three seconds of meeting them. The same statistic probably applies online too. Especially when viewing someones dating profile.

The beauty of online dating is that it allows us to carefully select our potential dates in a safe environment. It allows us to sit within the comfort of our own homes, and cut out all the awkward personal exchanges. It also allows us to judge a person instantly and whether we could see ourselves with them.

Perhaps the best thing about online dating is that is potentially a  try before you buy scheme. But sometimes there is not a money back guarantee, and if you aren’t realistic a very difficult date could be coming up on the cards; because with online dating profiles you can never be sure if that person really is 6ft tall and has skin rivaling Naomi Campbell.

It seems that a proportion of online daters seem to be in denial about their actual appearance. Photos from 10 years ago I am afraid, are not welcomed especially when judgement day arrives and you meet your date in reality. In a society where appearance sadly accounts for a lot, it is easy to see why many single active online daters feel under pressure to present themselves in a certain light; that is carefully edited via the single persons favourite computer program…Photoshop. Ah…Photoshop. It is probably my single most favourite invention to date. The sweet pleasure I get from removing my unwanted bags and shadows which emphasize my larger than average nose. The camera may never lie, but Photoshop will. Time and time again.

Signs that your “Mr/Mrs Right” may be telling a few white lies:

1) The photo appears to be very bright or grainy. If its cropped to an odd angle, they may have cut out areas you don’t want to see!

2) The clothing seems a little outdated. This is really noticeable in photos of women. Shoulder pads should be left in the 80’s.

3) Their description fails to meet their photo. For instance they may say they have blonde hair, yet in their photo its brown.

4) You will find out on that first date!

So the moral of the story…”Never judge a book by its cover”.

Have you ever been caught out by a photo which has misled you in the online dating world?! Let us know!

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