Dress up or dress down?

Dress to impress or dress casually – the conundrum?

Anyone who’s ever tried to get ready for a date knows just how difficult it can be deciding on what to wear: will it look like I’m trying too hard if I wear this? Will I be able to walk in these shoes? Is this too casual?  It can be even more daunting trying to decide what to wear for a dating event considering there’s going to be more than just one person judging you!

One of the first things we advise for singles events is to avoid being too casual.  If you’re concerned about how smart you should dress, it’s better to air on the side of caution and be a bit more formal; it’s surprising how many people will turn up to our events wearing what they’ve worn all day at work and spend the event feeling horribly self-conscious.  It’s also nice to make an effort for the people that you’re going to be meeting – don’t forget that many of them will have spent a good amount of time preparing for the event and it’s always nice to reciprocate their efforts.

For gentlemen this might mean wearing a nice shirt with a jacket, or if you don’t want to feel too stuffy, perhaps a smart blazer.  Ladies might want to take advantage of our classy venues to wear a fancy dress and their favourite heels.

Whilst we suggest dressing smartly, it’s important to wear something you feel comfortable in, both physically and mentally.  Our events generally last for a couple of hours, so men might not want to be constantly pulling up the waist on that pair of trousers you own that are too big, just as ladies won’t want to be spending the entire evening thinking about how nice it’d be to kick off their shoes and put on a comfy pair of slippers.  Likewise, you might feel a bit silly if you come dressed in a full tuxedo or full-length ball gown.

In short, we recommend wearing something fancy to impress the people you’ll be meeting at the event and to make sure you feel great about yourself and super confident.  Confidence is, after all, one of the most attractive qualities in a person.

If you’ve attended one of our singles events, why not let us know what you wore?  Was it a good choice, or a bit of a disaster – either way, let us know!



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