Staying Relaxed On A First Date

We’ve all been there before. The buzz of excitement at the thought of going on a first date with someone you’re attracted to. This could just end up being your next partner so it’s a big thing for you.

We’ve all had those moments of nervousness and even shyness when going on a first date. First of all, just acknowledge that this is a completely normal reaction to have when going on a first date. So what can you do to control those feelings that are causing you to feel like everything is going to spiral out of control?

  1. First of all, RELAX – Take a deep breath. Stop overthinking things. Stop thinking about whether or not the date will go well. Tell yourself it will go well and that you will have a great time. You’ll be amazed at what some positive self-talk can do in this moment.
  1. Choose a relaxing environment – First dates can be high pressure but you can minimise this by choosing a venue that has a relaxed atmosphere and vibe. You want to make sure you are both in a fun and relaxed mood so you are open for conversation and really getting to know each other.
  1. Have some idea about the circumstances of the date – When you are organising the date have some kind of clear idea about what you want to do. Have some activities in mind, places to go, that sort of thing. It will make the date go a lot smoother and it’s one less thing you have to worry about.
  1. Focus on calm body language – Your body language and overall demeanour has an influence on how you’ll feel. So what you should do is focus on maintaining some calm and composed body language. This will project calmness and confidence onto your date as well.

A first date is an exciting time and we know many people can get very nervous. However, just stay relaxed and hopefully these short tips will help you do exactly that.

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