The End Of The  Three Day Waiting Rule

Have you ever heard of the silly 3 day waiting rule?

This is a very old dating rule, which basically states that once you’ve gone out on a first date with someone that you should wait until three days have passed before you contact them again.

No one really knows where this whole idea came from but this is a completely outdated idea.

Maybe it did have its place once upon a time but it doesn’t anymore and we are going to delve into that a bit more in this post.

The whole premise behind abiding to this rule was that it ensured that you wouldn’t come across as needy or desperate to your partner. In particular, it seemed as if this rule was aimed at men more so than women.

Now while it is good to not be needy or desperate, abiding by this 3 day rule is just silly.

Here is why.

You’ve just had an amazing first date with someone.

You’ve gotten along with each other brilliantly. Had a lot to talk about, formed a great initial connection with that person.

At this point both of you are going to be feeling on a natural high so wouldn’t it make sense to make the most of it? You are both going to be thinking about each other and how amazing your time was together.

You need to capitalise on this and waiting three days to contact your date again could mean that spark you felt during the date dies.

All you need to do is send your partner a simple text message the next day letting them know you enjoyed spending time with them and hope to do so again soon and that’s it.

This shows appreciation, you care and it’s much better than waiting three days to send this kind of text.

Secondly, it allows you to quickly organise when you can catch up for a second date.

It’s that simple so don’t adhere to this silly three day waiting rule.

All it takes is a very simple text message the next day that shows your appreciation and you can continue getting to know this amazing person. Who knows what it could lead to after that but that is the best part.

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