The Love Cycle

The Love Cycle – are you on it?

Something has come to my attention. Something which I think a great deal of us singletons may be aware of out there, but we have yet to realise it. Its something which I have come to refer to as “the love cycle”.

The love cycle? I hear you ask. Yes. Exactly that. Lets think in terms of the seasons throughout the year, and compare that to growing relationships which develop or may falter throughout the year.

January. It seems my single friends and myself spend the majority of January dreading the doom of February. Because when February comes, so does cupid. And with that comes Clinton Cards and an invasion of love everywhere you look. Being single during this time does not work for many. So, they begin to look for love. You will find an influx of singletons around town, all looking for someone to spend Valentines with. You yourself may be one of these people, and its worrying how much people begin to focus upon it. This I call, is the first part of the love cycle.

Following February comes downtime. This downtime calls for reflection amongst those looking for love. It seems between March to June, people are a little more relaxed about finding the “one”.

But, with changing seasons, comes changing tides and the approach to Summer. Summer love for singletons is never fleeting, and the hunt begins once more to find someone to spend those long evenings with and a plus one to those July weddings. A summer romance perhaps? These are often short-lived and those partners we find to spend Summer with will leave as quick as the English sun!

The final part of the love cycle brings us full circle; the approach to Christmas. It’s a time when everyone around us seems to be partnered up, and those long cold nights can be very lonely if you are in fact alone.

So, are you yourself a victim of the love cycle? I’m sure we all have been at some point. But the point here? Is to not be. Love cannot be found at particular times of the year, it can creep up when you least expect it. That’s why here at When The Music Stops we run events all year round to help you along the way. From Summer to Winter, we always make sure there’s something for you. So if you find yourself caught up in the “cycle” why not take a break? And start a whole new cycle with When The Music Stops. It is a new year after all.

You can check out our events here which are updated daily. Why not leave us a comment below and let us know if you have fell victim to “the love cycle”?

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