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St Valentines Day – how important is it to you?

With only a month to go until the big day, it seems for singletons everywhere there is only one thing on every love seeking persons mind: Valentines day. 

Its a truth universally acknowledged that single people are in want of a good date when February 14th comes along. There seems to be a growing trend amongst the general population that there is some social taboo in being single when cupid arrives. Friendship circles find themselves in a deep divide; the singletons and those in a relationship.

Must we all find a date for that one evening a year?

It feels rather like secondary school, what with the growing pressure to find a date and be absolutely 100% in love for at least one day a year. But is it all just a little over-rated? And what really is the big deal with Valentines day?

I suppose the trend starts when we are young, that if you fail to get a Valentines day card (which is not off your mother) then there is something wrong with you. The fact is though, I think we are all missing entirely the point of Valentines day.

What is the central message that Valentines day preaches? Being in love with that someone special? Celebrating you and your partners happiness? Or is it more simple than that; is it just love in general?

Love is often over-rated, and made out to be something much more than it actually is. In truth love is all around us, and we should not make an allowance to celebrate it only once a year. It should be celebrated every day. The human spirit is a very powerful thing, and even more so with love by its side. Valentines day is not just for those in relationships, believe it or not its for us singletons also.

Valentines day is for everyone, and it is important that we do not forget this. So if you are fretting about being dateless. Don’t. Instead, grab a few friends, have a day to catch up. Tell family and friends you love them, and value them and be thankful for those people you have in your life.


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