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Blogging and When the Music Stops

As the lead web developer at When the Music Stops.com, I have been asked very nicely to create a blog for our dating franchise business and here it is! Frequent blog readers should find a familiar feel to our blog as we are using a very commonly used system. This I would like to add is not entirely due to my own laziness but because I think it offers an extremely good platform to our readers and also our writers.

So what is a blog?

According to Google: “A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.”
In my experience not all blogs are equal. Some have 3 posts from 2008 and haven’t had much to add since. Some blogs seem to host the ramblings of people that aren’t entirely specific about why they are blogging or even existing on this planet. We hope to follow some of the exceptional blogs out there that capture the hearts and minds of people truly interested in a given subject and where you will find frequent (although not too much so) new posts that are easy to read and fun to digest.

What is our blog all about?

Well I sincerely hope it will be far more interesting than this first post, but we all have to start somewhere! Our blog is intended to tell you about what we are really passionate about.. ‘dating’ .. not blogs. Dating is commonly interpreted as a pretty dirty subject, particularly when it comes to online dating and dating websites. Doesn’t always have to be the case. Our business has been happily running since 2003 to bring real life bonefide single people together to find friendship, companionship, happiness, love, confidence, fun, enjoyment and many other good things besides.
Our company is run by a great team of honest and hardworking individuals that are motivated by bringing single people together in a safe and enjoyable environment and really this blog is all about how we do that and to share with you some of the more interesting experiences along the way – without of course compromising anyone’s privacy.

You will be hearing from many of the great people in the team on our blog, from Mike the Managing Director and our many brilliant event organisers and ‘Matchmakers’, right the way down to me and the other people lurking here in the cob-webbed storage cupboard that beaver away to make our website work!

So, happy reading and if there’s anything I can do to make your reading more enjoyable, please ask.

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