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Our Unique Dating Guarantee

We get thousands of unique visitors on the When the Music Stops dating website every week and interest in what we are doing is running at a very high level. Turning someone’s interest into them actually attending one of our excellent events, completing a dating profile, or participating in our Matchmakers personal introductions service is the next step.

We’re aware that thousands of extra people would like to attend an event but if everyone in your circle of friends are attached, finding someone to go with can sometimes be a problem. We think we have come up with a great solution and our commitment to you is as follows:

Come and join us at an event and our host or hostess will make sure you are not on your own for more than a few seconds – this is our unique guarantee!

So no standing around like a spare part, no awkwardness while you wait for things to begin, but an introduction to someone else (usually of your own sex too) so it’s a simply great way of broadening your circle of friends as well as meeting potential new partners.

Our Other Commitments to you

As well as making sure you are quickly integrated into the group when you arrive, When the Music Stops offer the following:

  • Great value for money EVERY time – not only do you get your event, which often includes a drink and a meal too (see the individual event details) but also a FREE Dating Profile on our sister site whenthemusicstopsonline.com for a full 30 days which is worth £17.99 to you. This is INCLUDED FOR FREE with every event you attend and ensures you are obtaining truly superb value. Simply create your profile online, then ring our infoline on 0845 2303199 and we’ll click you through for your free 30 days membership.
  • If something crops up and you’re unable to attend don’t worry, we offer a full refund policy (providing you give us a weeks notice) or an event credit if you have to cancel later than this, up to 72 hours prior to the start of the event – so book with confidence with When the Music Stops!
  • We are a National company, with events arranged in most areas of the UK but with a local flavour and our Organisers around the country make sure that we are around in your locality to talk things through, hopefully to give you the confidence and knowledge to book your event and join us.
Lots of different people for you to meet!

Find Love With Singles Events in Nottingham

Find Love With Singles Events in Nottingham

 There is no doubt that it’s getting harder and harder to find a great person to settle down with.

Some people seem to do it easily while it’s a lot harder for others. For many people it’s very hard to find enough time to meet quality people. All of us at some point want to be able to find a great partner to settle down with but we all know it’s not that easy all the time.

Especially if you are someone who works in a busy career where there is a lot expected of you. Good news is that there are ways that you can meet a lot of new people in as short a timespan as possible and it’s via singles events Nottingham.

Finding the time to meet new people is only half the battle because you could end up making time for this area of your life but still not meet a quality person to share your life with. So what you need to do is maximise your dating efforts so to speak. You need to be able to meet new people in a way whereby you can maximise your chances of meeting the right person.

Here are some of the prerequisites you need to be able to fit:

  1. They need to also be single and looking for the same things as you
  2. They need to have similar interests to you
  3. They need to be the kind of person you’d settle down with


At a singles event Nottingham there is a high chance you will end up meeting someone who fits these three prerequisites. You will meet many single people at the various events and this means by default you’ll end up with a high chance of meeting the right kind of people for a relationship.

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